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Right from my childhood, I have always felt music travelling alongside in every walk of my life. When I was 12years old, my uncle introduced the keyboard into my home, It's not the small one that amateurs use, its the YAMAHA keyboard that musicians use in concerts. It so happened that a person was teaching keyboard right opposite to our home. My sister too had an interest in music surprisingly, which I felt is something she has got inspired by me.

First day of class, master asked me to sing 'aaaa'. It was the turning point in my musical career, Right at that moment i understood the master was able to teach children like my sister and not me. I had quit the class as the master needed training to teach me. But i never stopped my quest for learning music.

It was during my 10th-grade annual holidays I resumed my career in violin. I joined the club that taught various instruments in town but this time violin caught my eye. For one month the master made me hold the violin instrument in the right position, one fine day he taught me how to play 'sa' in violin. I was so excited that I played 'sa' happily for 100 times. The next day the master disappeared, later, after 20 years I learnt he was serving notice period when he taught me. I was totally in confused thinking of what happened to master when he tutored me. I have never in my heart wanted to end someone's career like that.

Though i didn't go to class i have always had it in my nerves to learn music. While lot of things were happening in my musical career i also happened to graduate and join job. I felt a void in my musical career. I expressed my interest for violin to my grandfather. He resides in Thanjavur. Thanjavur is a land of art, he found the best violin maker in town and made me one. There was no one more happier in the world to have such a beautiful violin.

This time i didn't needed a master. I tried to learn it myself i opened youtube, viewed a lot of videos day and night. It was time to get my hands dirty. The violin made decent noise, oops music. But i learnt it needed to be tuned to sound brilliant. I watched all the videos on tuning violin and tuned it. Right when it was sounding 'E' musically, string cut off. This was a disaster, It created a permanent dent in my career. I never meant to waste my grandfather's effort. So i went to 'Lakshman Sruthi', a famous shop for musical instruments and making musicians in Chennai. I got my violin mended and the person who repaired tuned the violin and asked to check if it was alright. I felt it sounded nice and conveyed the same. 'Brilliant' !

I never touched violin for a year. Yesterday, It so happened the quarantine was to help me progress and become the musician finally. I opened the dusty box, cleaned the violin set myself in position, held it strong and played. It sounded nasty and i had to tune it to get it better.

This time it was 'G'.

My contribution to music and my musical career is a never-ending journey. I am in constant touch with music and days are not far when my fans would lineup for my autograph.

Until then Signing off musically :

Author: Arasu Seran

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