Cryptocurrencies are not the only ones to leverage blockchain technology

Block Chain

We have been dying to build a system which is tamper-proof and decentralized, but are we anywhere close to such a reality? 

Crypto-currencies were the first to leverage such a system which later was named as the blockchain.

If such a promising solution exists for tamper-proof and decentralized networks, where else could it be implemented?

Digital Voting:

The sad truth is none of the EVMs is hack-proof, but with the emergence of blockchain, we can turn the wheel around.

Digital ID:  

Many governments have been trying really hard to identify each citizen in a digital framework. But the problem with storing IDs online again boils down to hacking and manipulation of records. Blockchain can be a one-stop solution for this. 


The classic problem of the healthcare industry is in the continuity of care.  Sharing patient health history between institutions has been an age-old problem. This problem can be eradicated with the intervention of BC.

With having given the gist of where's  and why's,  here are the other targets that could be benefited with blockchain network :

  • IoT Networks,
  • Distributed ledgers in banking
  • Supply chain logistics /management
  • Gaming Industry
  • Weapons tracking
Author: Arasu Seran

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