Crazy phobias


We all have our own share of fears, phobias. Phobias are the usual type of anxiety disorder. While phobias can be triggered by any instance, there are a few phobias that might make you wonder if you are having one.

Here's the list of few bizarre phobias that people suffer from most of the time don't even know until it surfaces up.


Humour has been publicized as a solution that not only enhances the immune system, smoothens your way to success at work but also helps you exist longer. But for some people, humour is a nightmare.


Philophobia is the fear of falling in love or committing to a relationship. This phobia sounds crazy and illogical but many people can't control this fear.


The fear of beautiful women is called Venustraphobia. This phobia originated from the Roman Goddess Venus and she was connected with love, gorgeousness, and fertility.


Pogonophobia! It is ..fear of beards. Yes, you read it right. There are some people who suffered from this fear and won't get near anyone with a beard.


The fear of staying or remaining single is known as Anuptaphobia. As a matter of fact, the entire generation is suffering from this phobia.

Author: Arasu Seran


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