Exercise Benefits

It’s a common problem that people don’t get enough time to do exercises but actually its important to keep everyone fit physically and mentally. The most common answer from the people is I do all the household works and that’s a great exercise for me. Its not like that everyone should have a dedicated self-time for themselves to make themselves fit.

I don’t get time for it. Okay have you ever thought about actor/actress. Most of them even on their busy schedules dedicate their time for their fitness daily. Even they have the same 24 hours. Just get into a park and do a jog for 20 mins and that’s not a great part of time on your daily schedule. Make a promise to yourself that you will do something in those 20 minutes.

Benefits of doing exercise

  • Fit: You can be more fit than my fellow people. Being fit and healthy gives a special confidence which cannot be expressed in words.

  • Active: You can be more active. Have you ever observed yourself after hitting gym for a week? Trust me you will be more productive when compared with the normal days.

  • Sleep: The most common problem faced by the people who don’t do much physical work is lack of sleep. I hit my bed early but till I am not getting sleep. What should I do? Answer is simple. You are not tired physically. Then how can you expect your body to sleep. It wants to work and get tired. Just hit your gym for an hour and sleep or walk for an hour. Definitely after doing this you will sleep fast than before.

  • Healthy: Its obvious if you are getting right amount of sleep you can be healthy. Eat the right amount of food at the right time and do exercise. This would obviously keep you healthy.

  • Stay Young: Exercising regularly keeps one younger for more days when compared with the ones who don’t do. It slows down the aging of cells.

If you still find excuse for your exercise routine here is a question for you. Its 24 hours. 24/3=8. 8 hours for your sleep. 8 for your survival work. Where goes the remaining 8. Just think about it.

Author : Sudha Devi

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