Doors that never opened

It was a gloomy day and the interiors of Chitra's home was barely lit. Chitra wrapped her morning duties and put her baby to sleep. Thud! Thud !Thud !…… Thud! Thud!Thud ! Someone banged the door hard. Thud!Thud !Thud !…… Thud!Thud!Thud ! Chitra was equally scared and angry. Her baby woke and started crying. Chitra rushed to the door and opened furiously.

"How rude to bang the door like this ?", Chitra whispered. Since the hall was barely lit, she was not able to see the person in front door clearly. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the silhouette of a tall person standing. 'Mmmwaah' The tall man kissed her and ran inside the house before she could identify who it was.

The tall unidentified man crashed into the child's room and closed the door. Chitra could hear her child still crying. She yelled and cried asking who it was, banging at the door. The person didn't reply even a word. She didn't come over the shock of kissing her.

She leaned and sat next to the door. After unsuccessful attempts of yelling, crying and banging the door, She peeped through the bottom of the door. There were few toys lying on the floor, a saree and a piece of cloth in the corner. She could see the shoes of a tall man approaching near the door. Chitra was scared to hell. Her heart thumped faster than ever. Lub-Dub! Lub-Dub! Lub-Dub!…

She started breathing heavily as the shoes moved away from her and towards the cradle. The child stopped crying and seconds after, the tall man splashed the bottle of milk at Chitra's face. Chitra fainted as the crying of baby faded. Her face was full of milk. She lay near the door. The door opened with a cranky sound. Her heartbeat lowered step by step and dropped to "silence". Thud! I fell off from the bed.

Author: Arasu Seran 

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