Why India cannot win more gold medal?


Million dollar question asked every time in India after any international tournament. We do have a debate session. Does India have potential players to win gold medal? Is there any political play in the sports selection?  Too many questions arise every time.

One of the main reason why other sports are not given importance is because of single sport “Cricket”. Yes, Cricket is more dominant. It has a huge fan base more than any game. Cricket player earns more than a hockey player where hockey is the national game of the country. Recently football team skipper had made a request to Indians to watch their game in Mumbai. That video went viral on the social media. On the game day stadium flooded with people irrespective of heavy rain. India has huge football fan base where they support the European clubs and other country players rather than the national team. People worship cricket as religion is stupidity.

Does caste play a role in sports?  May be Yes and may be No. When P V Sindhu won silver in the Olympic most searched keywords in the Google is “P V Sindhu caste”. One of the main reason where people with money and political support gets the opportunity than the potential player. Even the potential player is not aided by the government before winning a medal. After winning a state level competition the growth is stopped because they can a get job with a quota. Further player can’t play for nation or state due to many commitments.

Funds are not spent efficiently to select the potential sports person or the sportsman doesn’t have a better environment to enrich their skill.  Even Japan, Korea bags more gold medal than India. No one gets an answer to the question why India cannot get more gold medals.

After a victory, the nation celebrates, yes after winning the Olympics silver medal P V Sindhu was awarded with too many prestigious awards, prize money blah blah blah, before her victory no one knows who she is. Ultimately we and the media don’t focus on the sportsperson other than cricketers. Indian government have a worst mind-set towards the sports. Yes, When a differently abled sportsperson wins gold in the Paralympics, the prize money given was less than the silver medal holder in Olympic. Wow, what a country a differently abled sportsperson are not encouraged in the right way. Do the national players have more responsibility after winning a medal? Yes, they have more responsibility but few move towards earning money. Signing in more commercial advertisement not thinking a minute whether they promote a good product or a bad one, who cares they earn money. People are fooled in the name of the sportsperson.

Only cricket is boasted sport and focused, why other sports are given less focus. Whom to blame people or government? I would say both, people have a narrow mind towards a single game and think sports don’t enrich their life and career. When can we get more gold medals in international games? The answer to the questions can be expected in upcoming years.

Author : Manikandan Annamalai

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  1. Must to read and to think about it. It's true that the game Cricket is blotting other games. Even young children are taught to play the cricket. Society has to change the way of giving importance to other games.


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