The "Me" time

Nearly 70 percent of people work for about 40 to 45 hours/week on an average for survival. At some point in our life, we would look at our past and say “I was happy when I was a child”, ”I was happy when I was in school, college”. But the fact is we can be happy at any point but we are not finding it out.

It is important to be happy and be motivated for your daily routine of work. A normal person who is living for his/her survival forgets it and continue to work for almost 18 to 19 hours per day.

The hard fact is we cannot be a millionaire by working all day for an organisation. A millionaire has to think differently. It's not that everyone has to be a millionaire or billionaire. Be clear with your life decision and enjoy your daily routine.

Common consequences of long working hours: 

Alcohol Addiction: In order to be more productive for long hours, people relax with the use of alcohol, which later makes them addicted to it.

Artery disease: The release of hormone cortisol damages the heart. This in turn causes coronary artery disease, stroke, etc.

Decreased Productivity: The long working hours makes the brain tired which makes the person to give less productivity when compared with the less working hours person. The brain has to oscillate itself with other relaxing activities like sports, arts.

Sleep: Prolonged thought about the work makes the person more tired during daytime as well as affects the sleep during night times. Irregular sleeping times causes a migraine, snoring, insomnia, etc..

I have mentioned very few consequences of long working hours. Just run slowly but run constantly. Health is wealth which makes the person run for long days. Maintaining a healthy life as well as balancing it with work makes a person to live long and achieve their goals whereas these ill health activities affect the health and also kills the personal goals.

Try to follow the Pomodoro cycle in between your working hours

“Work while you work, party while you party”. Have your “ME” time where one should enjoy his/her personal time. Some might enjoy to sleep, eat, play, roam etc.. The basic necessity is to survive and that has to be enjoyed daily.

As I said earlier we cannot be a millionaire by working daily for an organisation. Take little risks in your life and think like a millionaire and earn money as well as enjoy your life.

Author : Sudha Devi

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