New Video sharing App from a giant.

Talk of the town in recent days is all about a new video platform launched by Instagram. IGTV aka Instagram TV has been launched globally. A video platform allows users to upload their videos, react a heart to their network videos and other features are similar to Instagram. A big competitor to YouTube in upcoming years as the IGTV is a mobile-focused app and mobile users are targeted. IGTV will be available in both play store and app store.

The uniqueness of the IGTV.

  • Vertical videos as targeted users are mobile users.

  • Easy to sign-in if you have an Instagram account to create a channel or watch the video as a normal user.

  • Up to 1-hour duration video can be uploaded to your channel.

  • Easy to create your channel.

  • Watch the videos you have paused long back.

  • Give you more flexibility to surf various genre of videos.

Will IGTV replace the YouTube?

A big 'yes' from the digital marketing people. As Facebook and Instagram already tied-up social network now IGTV will also join. Ad-sense on YouTube attracted many people to promote and earn. Already Facebook and Instagram taking a lead in the
Ads now IGTV will be an additional option for promoters where they can reach more user base easily. In future, there are chances IGTV will replace YouTube.

What can be expected from IGTV upcoming version?

  • Video compatibility in both vertical and horizontal.

  • Earn money through the ads in your videos.

  • In-built video editor with special effects.

If you have any guess about the upcoming features comment below. 

Author : Manikandan Annamalai


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