Cosmetics and it’s projection


A woman is always expected to be beautiful. Is that sentence raising an aroma of male chauvinism ? I am not into it fellas. I am more interested in speaking about the projection of cosmetics. As you take a walk around chennai’s very own Anna Nagar or any other mall, you can notice around you advertisements of infinite number of cosmetic products which claim to make you beautiful. Does that really work ? I am not sure about it , I have seen actresses who act in a cosmetic advertisement when personally interviewed would claim natural extracts and fruit pulps are the best. In the age of market based economy anything that is projected in advertisement is not always true. One must get into the grassroots of each detail to come to a conclusion on own. I am not against cosmetics but I am against false analogy, false proof and promoting false trust.

Author : Arasu Seran

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