Butterfly fed butter in my life journey

It was around 9:30 PM, my mom was preparing things get my brother and me sleep. Being enthusiastic about celebrating Deepavali in a week, I was so curious to show my new dress to my cousins. I kept my dress inside the almirah in my room which is on the 1st floor. To reach my room I should take the stairs having around 13 steps. Lights were switched off in the staircase area. I was not able to climb to switch on the light since I was just 47 inches tall, but the switchboard was placed doubled my height. I climbed the first 7 steps with the help of light from the ground floor tube lights and with the outside light from the window. Even with those lights around, the staircase was dark after 7 steps, I had to take a quick turn as the staircase was L-shaped.  I usually fear darkness and so the thought of it seriously scared the shit out of me. I knew if I took that L-turn I would screw up my mind myself completely and so I called my dad loudly to check whether he was in the room where stairs would lead to. Luckily, I heard my dad’s voice from the room. After that fear of the darkness was a bit reduced, though not completely. Anyway, I had to take 5 more steps to reach my room. I got reminded of mom’s advice to chant OM MURUGA’ whenever I desired or feared about something. With all the faith gathered from dad’s voice and chanting, I carefully took the next 6 steps and reached the room. I saw my dad and my mind has returned from the state of fear. I grabbed my dress and asked him to accompany me to reach the ground floor. Now, the darkness had not bothered me much since he was also coming along. Having developed the curiosity to show my dress to cousins, I have fastened my speed to climb down through the steps. I didn’t know taking a few more steps would put me in dark days.

I have hit by the jugs of hot water and milk which was kept in the second step. I felt down incidentally from the second step to the ground and the hot two liquids splattered over my legs and hand. The blood has started to bleed from the injuries on my body and I was not able to tolerate the pain which I was showing by screaming and crying loudly. I was admitted to the hospital through the emergency ward, the nurses and doctor took me to the operation room over the stretcher. They did some diagnosis and I lost my consciousness, which made me to sleep the whole night. I woke up next day morning the tiny flutter of wings in the room caught my eye. I observed a beautiful orange and black butterfly flying in the room. My parents were around me saying nothing has happened to me, it’s just a small injury and asked me to stay without shaking my legs in the bed since they put up the bandage over the injured place on my leg. Two days went through with the pain and getting comforting notes from the people who came to visit me. On the 3rd day, nurses were around me to change the bandage on my leg. This time, they didn’t give me the painkiller and they slowly took out the old bandage from my leg. The pain was getting worsened and asked my mom to hold my hand. It was like being in a hell and punishing me for the mistakes I did. In that instance, my mom asked me to chant as ‘Sri Rama Jayam’ to give enough strength to control the pain. Somehow bearing the pain, I saw my injuries and my skin were damaged badly. Finally, they changed the bandage with a new one by handling me with the great patience.

In an hour, Doctor came to check me and said that my injuries are getting cured. So, he advised me not to cry.  My dad was with me, he tried to distract me from the feeling sensation of pain on looking at a beautiful creature ‘The Butterfly’. He said, was there from the day I was admitted. It also got injured by hitting itself on the fan in the room. Gradually, it was recovering and trying to flap its wings to fly. It didn’t undergo any medical treatment, the wind from the fan blows it around.  I am hypnotized at this point. My dad kept saying these to me and sensation of the pain was relieved.  To the next day, the butterfly has started to fly around in the room and it was like a good companion to me. During doctor checkup on that day, he has advised me to move my legs slowly over the bed. I tried moving my leg an inch but it was paining me much and so I refrained from doing it. After some time, I saw the butterfly sat over my dressing on my leg. I feared to touch the butterfly and without thinking for a second, I shook my legs. From that moment, I was able to slowly move my legs. During the doctor check the next day, Doctor has appreciated me for actively moving my legs and informed my parents that I can be discharged in a day.


The next day, I noticed that the butterfly was not flying around and it stuck itself to the wall below the tube light. I thought it was sad for me leaving this room today and so I requested my dad to make a butterfly fly. I thanked that butterfly for helping me in walking back. I would not have moved my legs if not for that butterfly.

It was the festival day of Deepavali and I got a chance to see the colourful crackers burning on the road and the streets. And also, Sky has welcomed me to enter into my home with the sound of rockets and the bright lights. Finally, I wore the new dress. This time, my cousins came to my room and shared the Deepavali wishes which made me smile and happy.

It all happened to me at the age of seven, I still have the remembrance of every moment of the incident. Now I am 24, I could realize that after so many ups and downs in my life I went through, my parents stood me at my back to boost the positive attitude and boldness to see the life in a beautiful way. I got a nice message from the book Alchemist saying that ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it’. I could relate that to my life, even small insect helped me in the path to find the treasure in my life.

 Author: Deepika Jagdeesh


  1. Good one Deeps nicely written

  2. It's so good my lovely sissy ❣
    I feel refreshed and motivated !!
    Mother natureπŸ’š
    Nice to read Ur writings 😍 expecting more from you❣

  3. Nice... Keep it up... πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. Siva ThevendhiryaApril 15, 2018 at 6:09 AM

    At the age of seven, a butterfly's positive attitude has given confidence and faith to take step forward in your life.
    A small incident write up is quite good and appreciable in the way it is mentioned. All the best. ✓✓

  5. Siva ThevendhiryaApril 15, 2018 at 6:18 AM

    Your positive attitude and boldness helps to see the life in a beautiful way.
    All the best. Better experience with a butterfly which reaped butter.,,,,✓✓

  6. Nice understanding the things in life will always make a step forward

  7. Your positive attitude helps to see the life in a beautiful way. Nice one ☝️

  8. Another good one

  9. realli nice deepika... the flow of incidents giving the grip for the readers. and the way u concluded by the quote from the alchemist

  10. Congratulation Really nice deepika mai..your positive attitude helps to see the life in beautiful way..keep it up


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