Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Yes, we all said this when we were kids, but c’mon that’s why we are called kids

Moving on, OCD is different. No, you don’t have OCD if you are very organized, you
clean your hands a couple of times before lunch, checks things twice or if you are a
perfectionist. These are your habits and your double or triple checking them to
make sure everything is fine. These are your strengths and never ashamed of what
others say about your habits.

But if you feel that you have no control over habits and doing them repeatedly
spending much time on it and still never satisfied. Yes, you may have OCD.

Let’s see the actual definition (beware of the complex and confusing words and I
suggest you skip it :P)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by
uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts and repetitive, ritualized behaviours you feel
compelled to perform. If you have OCD, you probably recognize that your obsessive
thoughts and compulsive behaviours are irrational—but even so, you feel unable to
resist them and break free.

In simple words, if you have an obsession (a thought or an action that you have no
control on) and you are doing it repeatedly without control over it (compulsion)
then it is called OCD.

What causes OCD?

No specific cause. Intense research is going on but they have no solid conclusion
about the causes. But most common patterns they say that it is due to the different
neural activity. It is assumed that people with OCD cannot feel satisfied due to lack
of a compound called “serotonin”, Which is responsible for transmitting feelings
inside the brain.

Your brain is made differently kiddo. Not your problem.

How to treat OCD?

There are many treatments available like medication to increase “Serotonin” levels
in brain, therapies, and artificially simulating the impulses in the brain with Deep
Brain Simulations if nothing else works.

Can I cure it myself?

After checking with some of our doctor friends and multiple resources available
online — we can say, it is possible but will take some time and willpower. We say
again, it needs some time and willpower.

Method-1: Meditation and Exercises

You could exercise, jog or go for cycling for 30 mins. It is proved that meditation
and exercising will help improve your mood and assist you in sleeping. So,
Insomnia or sleepless night with OCD will gradually decrease and you will sleep

Method-2: Invest time in hobbies

Paint, draw, sing and learn an instrument. These help you to keep your brain
occupied thus avoiding obsessive thoughts and improves your mood, thus making
you a little happier one-step-at-a-time.

Method-3: Make a videotape

Start with one obsession at a time. Get yourself in front of a camera (laptop or
smartphone) and talk about that OCD. Watch this video 30-45 every day till you
feel no anxiety over this obsession.

Method-4: Create an OCD worry period

Focus on one specific obsession at a time and choose 10 minutes time in the
mornings and think about that Obsession its negatives, just think, don’t try to
correct yourself. At the end of the given time period, take deep breaths or meditate
for 5-10 minutes.

Method-5: With a Paper and Pen

Carry a pocket-sized notebook and a pen with you always and write “Not now” or
“Postpone” whenever you get Compulsions.

How to treat someone suffering from OCD?

Well, you don’t have to treat them, that will be taken care by doctors. But you must
remember to be the friendly with them all the time. Don’t judge people suffering
from OCD or with any psychological issues. Do keep in mind whenever you interact
with an OCD patient (or any fellow human being as a matter of fact)

  1. Treat them normal.
    2. Try to divert their mind when they are feeling stressed.
    3. Show the kindness and love towards of them irrespective of their compulsions.
    4. Talk to them, be the listener when they are sharing their problem.
    5. Never criticise or name them with OCD or any disorder.

2. Https://iocdf.org

Author : Sarath Damaraju



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