Customer retention through Digital platforms


Customer retention is a big deal for the companies. E-commerce industries, restaurants, banks, network service providers, etc. are focused much on the customer retention when the competitors provide better service. To retain their customer companies provide different offers for the season. Customer retention in simple terms is when the customer doesn’t feel the ‘A’ company service as best one because ‘B’ company provided the best service, to not to lose the customer ‘A’ company provides additional benefit from the existing service plan.

In the recent years, Network providers faced this customer retention as their big issue. When Jio introduced free SIM with 6-month validity till March’17. Jio offer was a big threat to the other network providers. They lost their customers and people moved to jio by number portability. To retain their customers other network providers provided offer equivalent to jio.

To attract new customers and retain customers companies uses digital platforms and media. Few customer retention strategies are.

  • Advertising their products, offers etc. through Google Ad words.

  • Ads through the social networking platforms. Ads through their Facebook page and engaging their customer with creative content as a post.

  • Email marketing – sending the offer and mega sale mail.

  • Retargeting ads in websites.

  • Using print media
    - Newspaper ad for a local customer.
    - Offer coupons in public places.

  • Through grievance system/feedback to improve their product quality/service standard.

  • Rating on their websites and pages.

  • TVC ads with new videos.

  • Customer support voice call/ customer care centre.

What’s new in the digital world to retain the customers?
Generation Z is much addicted to the digital world, other generation also attracted towards the digital world slowly. Communication with the customer becomes an easy task for the companies. Again it is bit difficult task for companies to retain the customer because anyone can attract one’s customer through their creative strategies.

Few strategies that will be followed in 2018 to retain their customer.

  • Using Brand Influencers: Sachin featuring boost advertisement was the biggest reach in India where they had an increase in sales. In the current digital brand influencers are the stars with huge follower base in their social network. Say Mr.D has 1 Million follower base on Facebook when he posts about a product he is associated will have a good reach for their brand. Brand influencer will attract new customer and retain their existing customer. Though using brand influencers is an existing strategy it will have a huge impact through digital platforms.

  • Using Customer support on their website: Companies will have a chat box on their website to interact with customers. This will help the companies to interact with the customer to know their requirements.

  • Using BOT in social media: Facebook introduced BOT to make the company’s work easier. When a customer enters their page messenger symbol gives a pop-up. When he clicks the messenger, BOT will help them to explore the brand product or service.

  • Customer Support in social media: Companies have employed a person to handle the grievance on the social media platform. If customer tweets about the issue in service, the employed person will reply them with an adequate response. They interact with the individual user to provide the customer support in an extraordinary way and to improve their product or service from customer feedback.

  • Reaching customer closer: Yes, Now the companies will use Facebook messenger and Whatsapp to reach you faster. You may notice restaurants, e-commerce sites sending a request to your messenger to send notification about their offers. Some companies use WhatsApp to send messages to the customer. Whatsapp business will be launching soon exclusively for business.

  • Using attractive content: Content plays a big role when companies convey information to the customer. In social media platforms, companies will use video content to reach the customer easier.

  • Using stories: Stories will be the trend in 2018 where people update stories in ‘n’ numbers that will vanish in 24 hours. Companies will post stories to reach the customer with a limited time offer/ offer make their user to induce on buying the product.

  • Using Customer as an influencer: When a customer buys a product from brand ‘H’ say t-shirts, when the customer post a pic wearing the t-shirt and mention the brand, this will make their product an organic reach. Sometimes the brand will upload the customer’s pictures to engage their customer stating they have a happy satisfied customer.

Each and every marketing strategy will be a customer retention. Connecting with a customer is also a best way of customer retention. When you need a help to a setup up a product and company provide you with an easy customer support through their forums or private chat will make you feel comfortable. There lies the customer retention.

Author : Manikandan Annamalai

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