Embedded Journalism

Embedded journalist refers to the news reporter attached to a military unit during the war conflicts. Embedded journalism is a new dimension of war coverage. Embedded journalism was practiced by the US during the Iraq war in 2003. Reporters and photographers were sent with the army unit.

Embedded journalism changes the routine work of a reporter in their media life. Initially, the government recruited journalist for the army directly. Later government recruited the embedded journalist through the private media organization. Reporters recruited were given proper training and protective gears before they were sent with the army. Reporters provide exclusive news of the evolving conflicts. In 1965, reporters rarely went to the field to get the reports on the war between India and Pakistan. Reporters maximum cover the happenings from the soldier’s perspective. Risk factors are same as the soldiers where they may be attacked, kidnapped by the enemy army.

Due to politics in the army, the embedded journalism was a corrupted one where all the news are not a true incident but cooked up stories by the government. Sometimes the secrecy is maintained in certain things where that would cause a threat to the country. Social media plays a major role in this. The power of internet gives an instant and global coverage on the war. People will get news update about the war from the news reporters through social media platforms, news channel etc. Embedded Journalism can both be fruitful as well as dangerous depending on how the government uses it.

Author : Manikandan Annamalai

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