Does your belly fat make you feel Awkward?

Being fat and having belly make you feel awkward in many situations. You tend to buy clothes often and even you will be the victim of teasing in your mob. Here is a quick read on the reasons for belly fat and how to reduce it.

Reasons for Belly fat.

  • Taking a nap after intake of food

  • Poor diet

  • Irregular food timings

  • Stress

  • Inactive

  • Prolonged sitting.

  • Drinking Soft drinks

  • Drinking Alcohol frequently

  • Heredity

  • Hormonal Changes

  • Aging

  • Hypothyroidism

How to reduce the Belly Fat?
Reducing your belly fat is an easy task if you are determined in the process.  So here are the simple tips to reduce your belly fat and stay fit.

  • Reduce your stress level

  • Don’t drink alcohol

  • Have time to do your daily exercise. Do the right exercise.

  • Consume more soluble fiber items.

  • Avoid Junk foods

  • Avoid Beverages

  • Have a regular sleep time and sleep duration.

  • Have a regular food timings

Best exercise to reduce you fat.

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Above set of exercise will help you to reduce your belly fat. Hope this article will help you, share your thoughts on this article.

Author : Manikandan Annamalai

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