A chat with the Green Tea

Green Tea” why all the buzz around it? We have seen fitness lovers chanting its name, while others still debating over its benefits (duh). So, we at Quartetgram took a step and went to the aromatic tea plantations in North East India to find and interview Green Tea. (and yes we did :p )

  — In a far distant place which name even we can’t pronounce properly —

Green Tea: Hello, how are you and how may I help you?

Quartetgram: Hello Green Tea, We are from Quartetgram and we are here to interview you.

GT: Interview me? LOL. You are the first people to interview me other than boiling and drinking me(Laughing).

Qg: Ha-ha, Yes we do that too!! (Evil smile). But today we are here to interview you and let the world know more about you.

GT: Hmm, Ok. Why not?

— After a sip of green tea —

Qg: So Green Tea, Tell us something about you.

GT: Well, there are literally millions of blog posts to know about me. So, I will tell you a few thing you may not have heard about me. It has been said that I am from China and Japan, but I have also been used in India for Medicinal treatments like promoting blood clotting and Hair fall.

Qg: Is it? Awesome.  And you help in preventing cancer too, right?

GT: yes, some people who are interested in my superpowers have studied me and found out that I can prevent (breast, bladder, ovarian, colorectal (bowel), oesophageal (throat), lung, prostate, skin, stomach) cancers and a lot more good to humans.

Qg:  We are excited to know all of the health benefits.

GT: There are several people who are still studying me, but I will tell you benefits that constantly found.
I can help you in.

  1. Reducing Cholesterol

  2. Reducing Stroke chances

  3. Reducing risk of Diabetics (Intense research is still going on with this)

  4. Inflammatory Skin Diseases

  5. Preventing hair fall and stimulating hair growth

  6. Improving Brain’s functionality and thus preventing Alzheimer’s

  7. Anti-Anxiety

  8. Relaxation

  9. Fat burner

  10. Make you active

  11. Anti-aging

  12. Prevents Acne

  13. Improves Digestion

  14. Promotes Immunity

And this list goes on.

Qg: Ooooh Man! That’s too good. How do you feel about it?

GT: (Proud Face) Nah, am just a simple tea. But credit goes to all the bioactive compounds that are present in me and the processing.

Qg: Bioactive compounds? Can you tell them to our readers?

GT:  Well, There are many and explaining about all of them will turn this into a chemistry class, so I’d list all of them.

  1. Caffeine

  2. Anti-Oxidants

  3. Quercetin

  4. Aginenin

  5. Carbohydrates

  6. Minerals (magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, chromium, copper, and zinc)
    and this list goes on too. But, of all them, EGCG is the very important one. Which made research community to look at me.

Qg: Well, One honest question. Do you have any side effects?

GT: (Laughing) Yes, I do. As a matter of fact, everything does if you cross limits. Food is the Nectar and can be poison too. I don’t advise you to have more than 3-4 cups per day. And

1.Not to take during pregnancy
2. Not to take with blood thinners
3.May cause eye and liver disorders if consume in more quantities.

So, it is good to take in small quantities. Never drink it on empty stomach and with the meal.

Qg: Hmm... So when is the good time to have?

GT: Better is to drink before 10 am, but you can have to 2 hours before/after a meal, before bedtime.

Qg: Cool, we have noted them. Thanks, green tea for spending your time with us. All the best with making people happy.

GT: Thanks Quartetgram for the interview and all the best for you too.

Qg: One minute, Can we have a selfie?

GT: Sure.

Author : Sarath Damaraju

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