7ft * 4ft is all you need to keep you healthy

Most of the time when people talk about the exercise they get reminded of a very cozy gym equipment or some sort of a dance class. One thing is for sure, neither the class nor the gym activity is going to be a habit for many. There are infinite crazy reasons people bring up to justify that they were really stopped from going to gym or class.

A 7ft * 4ft is all that is required to do SuryaNamaskar. Even if you are tall, you can add up one more feet to the dimensions that I have mentioned. Being healthy doesn’t mean you should have a toned body or can run a mile without a break. SuryaNamaskar might not give you muscles but it will ensure a very good health.

Let’s see how much you can derive out of the exercise you perform in 7ft * 4ft space for 15mins. SuryaNamaskar, as the name signifies is not a namaskar alone it is a very powerful exercise too, So it can be performed ‘n’ number of times. On an average, performing 5 times in the morning can keep you physically as well as mentally healthy and sound.

These are the three major derivatives out of SuryaNamaskar:

  • Improves the capacity of the lungs, stimulates oxygen supply and regulates it to all the vital organs in the body.

  • It strengthens heart muscles and cures irregular heartbeat.

  • It strengthens the entire body muscles.

Q: Are these the only benefits of SuryaNamaskar?  It seems to be a very small list!

No, It is not the case but the above-mentioned benefits can lead to cure from million other problems or diseases. If we can keep our lungs, heart and muscles happy, the rest of the body parts can revive on its own. Even if you think you have damaged your body a lot, if you make SuryaNamaskar a habit you will be a whistleblower for SuryaNamaskar one year from now.

Stay healthy, Stay happy friends.

Author :  Arasu Seran

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