Why do water lorries in Chennai waste a lot of water on road?

In Fluid dynamics, slosh refers to the movement of liquids inside another object which is typical, also undergoing motion. Most of you might have seen the famous Tamil actor Vadivelu's comedy where he doesn’t hold the supporting rod in a bus and falls breaking the windshield of the bus when the driver applies the brake. If you haven't seen it here's the link to watch it.


The same is the effect when water is filled in a lorry. The water in lorry pushes/ moves towards the direction in which the lorry is traveling. When breaks are applied the momentum of water prevents the lorry from stopping. So these lorries let the water that causes this effect out on the road. In the age of science don’t we have a better alternative for this?  Yes, we do. It is called compartmentalization.

If you have observed the same effect does not happen in case of oil tankers. The split the whole container into compartments which help in effectively handling the push of water. And the most important thing is they fill oil up to the brim of compartment thereby controlling the motion of oil. So what we need to encourage in Chennai water suppliers is buying a lorry that has compartments in the container. 

Author : Arasu Seran

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