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When you are scrolling news feed on facebook you can witness the sponsored post frequently.Some people could think why am i getting this post. Sometimes you will see the ad from the shopping site. Let's have a quick view of the adverts on Facebook.



The frequency of the Sponsored post will be more when you have like more no of pages.The brand/company have targeted their product/service to you to make an engagement with their brand.

Reason why you are getting these

  • You have liked their page.

  • you show interest in the topic (From the third picture Amazon targeted people who have interest in writing and reading books).

  • You have visited their website recently (They are retargeting you make a purchase on their website)

  • Based on your interest they create a brand awareness (Launching a new website, service etc)

  • Your friends would have an interest in that product and he/she would be liked that sponsored post.

  • Sometime you will see them as suggested page(Facebook will analyze your activity and interest it will suggest you a page).

  • Ads to install their Mobile applications(Games, Utility apps).

You can check why are you are seeing post by clicking three dots in the sponsored post

  • You will see a sponsored post like this.


  • When you click on the option(Three dots) you will get a drop-down with options.

  • Click on why am i seeing this.


In the above image, you can see the reason clearly

  • He has interest in freelancing.

  • He has clicked ad related to that.

  • He has targeted the people who are living in India of age group 23-40

Facebook uses your personal information like gender, age, interest, pages you have liked and sometimes Advertiser uses your email-id you have linked your FB account.

You will see more ads while using facebook mobile application.
You will see ads on the right sidebar.
Sometimes you will see ad between the articles you read that clicked. They are external links that load faster in the mobile version, you will see ads in between the articles.  These are instant articles, which will be discussed in the future articles.

And now you would have found out why you are seeing ads on the Facebook news feed.

Author : Manikandan Annamalai

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