When is the best time to eat ?

Eating food at any time may sound a fancy action of the age, but the side-effects derived out of it also will be eventually fancy. Maintaining good health starts from having a sip of water early morning to the last bite of food that we have for dinner.



Eating ½ hr after waking up is considered ideal. The ideal time to have breakfast can be by 7.00 A.M. Though delayed a bit not more than 10.00 A.M is advisable.





Try to have lunch between 12.45 P.M and 1.00 P.M. Leaving at-least 4hrs interval between breakfast and lunch is a good practice.




An ideal time to have dinner is before 7.00 P.M. There should be a 3hrs gap between your bedtime and dinner.


This simple change in food timings can make wonders in improving your health

Author : Arasu Seran

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