What’s the first step in being prominent?

What’s the first step in being prominent?

Wherever we go the intrinsic quality of any human is trying to occupy the limelight on any occasion. People tend to do different things to attract the crowd around and project themselves as special.

What’s the most important commonality among the top show stealers?

It’s the memory.

What “Memory”? Really…?  How is it anyway connected to what we do?

“You can do 'n' number of things but consciously or unconsciously it’s the memory you hold about people, actions, data and things that you have planned for the day makes you prominent over others.

Be it Party, Be it an office. Knowingly or unknowingly what helps you build your image is the memory you possess.

Given a situation where no one has any clue about how to tackle a problem it’s the memory you retain about things you learned that helps you solve a problem.

Given a situation where you take people to party it’s the memory you have acquired on how to attract that keeps you in limelight , it’s the memory you hold about dance moves that shows you unique , it’s the memory you hold about the glass of wine, for say “name of wine “ that makes you special .

The most important action or foremost action that one has to do to be prominent among fellow travelers in the journey of life is Building your memory right and Building the right Memory.

So sharpen your memory, you will the man of the day every day.


 Author : Arasu Seran

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