Visit nearby temple regularly

Some people visit temple regularly and some don’t and here are some scientific reasons behind those rituals.

Temple is a place where you absorb good positive energy for your life. Temple is the place where you have to spend yourself daily and get some positive cosmic energy. In early days people visit temples daily by taking bath in the pond and then start with their daily routine work. If we take Rameshwaram temple or the Madurai temple, they were built nearly 3500 years ago only with people without any machinery help. Nearly 2 generation of people spent their life for a single purpose.

Kedarnath is a place which has witnessed thousands of yogis. Being born in India everyone should visit this spiritual place and experience this place before dying, where many spiritual mystics have attained enlightenment and shredded their body.

Location: Temples are usually constructed where we can find an enormous amount of energy according to the geographical positions. The temple would be constructed after placing the idol in the “moolasthanam”.

Flowers and camphor gives a good fragrance and activates your smell and touch sense respectively.

Theertham would be usually given in copper vessel which is good for human body. It is prepared with thulasi being dipped in water for at least 8 hours which is good for a sore throat, heart disease, kidneys and activates your taste sense.

The core part of the temple would be usually dark. So, after praying we have to see the camphor brightness which activates the sight sense.

Ringing the bell would activate your hearing sense.

As the last step, everyone should walk around the main idol and before that all the five senses should be activated to absorb the energy completely. The idol also keeps the energy from the camphor, flowers, bell sound and vibrates it for some amount of time and at that time it is advised to revolve around the idol in a clockwise direction to absorb the energy completely.

So, can we still find an excuse for visiting a temple? Take time from your routine work and visit these places regularly and activate the spirituality within you.

Author : Sudha Devi

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