Best Websites to Learn Coding

In the following list, you’ll find some of the best web-based courses and free eBooks about a variety of programming languages. I have also added a list of companion ebooks that will give you a more in-depth understanding of the language and they don’t cost anything either.


Sites: Codecademy,, SoloLearn (HTML), SoloLearn(CSS), Treehouse (HTML), Treehouse (CSS), Tutsplus, A to Z CSS, Dash, Web Accessibility, The Hello World, Khan Academy, HTML5 from Scratch, Sitepoint, Usersnap

Books: Mozilla, Dive into HTML5, HTML Dog, HTML & CSS, HTML Canvas


Sites: Codecademy,, Treehouse, SoloLearn, Code Avengers, Sitepoint

Books: You don’t know JS, Eloquent JavaScript, JavaScript Guide, Speaking JS, JS The Right Way


Sites: Codecademy,, Tutsplus, Code School

Books: jQuery Fundamentals, Learn jQuery


Sites: Codecademy, Treehouse, SoloLearn, Google

Books: Python for You and Me, Dive into Python, Learn Python the Hard Way, Think Python, Tango with Django, Django

Ruby & Ruby on Rails

Sites: Codecademy, Treehouse, TryRubyCode Learn, Rubymonk, Sitepoint

Books: Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, Learn Ruby the Hard Way, Learn to Program, Learn Rails by Example


Sites: Codecademy, Treehouse, SoloLearn, Sitepoint

Books: PHP Programming, Practical PHP


Sites: Nodetuts, Node School

Books: The Node Beginner Book, Mixu’s Node book, Node Up and Running, Mastering Node.js

Git (version control)

Sites: Code School, Git Immersion, Udacity

Books: Pro Git, Learn Git, Gists in Github

Chrome Dev Tools

Sites: Code School, Udacity


Sites: SoloLearn, Treehouse, Java Udemy, Learneroo

Books: Programming in Java, O’Reilly Learning Java, Think Java, Java for Python Devs

Android App Development

Sites: Udacity (Google Developers), Coursera, App Development Essentials

Google Apps Script

Sites: Getting Started, Office Hours, Learning Apps Script


Site: Treehouse, Sitepoint

Linux & Shell Scripting

Sites:, Explain Shell

Books: Conquer the Command Line

Angular JS

Sites: Code School, Egg Head, Learn Angular

Books: Angular JS Tutorial, Thinking Angular, Angular Tutorial, Getting Started (Adobe)

Objective-C (iOS & Mac)

Sites: Stanford, iTunesU

Go Language


Books: Go by Example, Building Web Apps with Go, Learning Go

D3 (data visualization)

Sites: Data Visualization for the Web, D3 Tips & Tricks

SQL (Databases)

 Sites: SoloLearn, SQL Zoo, SQL @Stanford, Essential SQL, SQL for Nerds, Intro to SQL, SQL Bolt, PHP & MySQL

If you know any other useful websites, please suggest them in the comments section and I’ll add them to the list.

Have a nice day!

Author : Arasu Seran


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